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Texas Holdem Poker Odds Calculator
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Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator
Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator
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So what is TexanBuddy?

TexanBuddy is a Texas Holdem Poker Odds Calculator that runs along side any online poker game and will continuously calculate the odds of you winning your hand against your opponents in real time while you are playing.

That's right...

While you are playing the game... you simply enter the number of opponents playing, the cards you hold in your hand and what's shown on the table. At every step of the game TexanBuddy will re-calculate the odds of you winning your hand compared to the other opponents left in the game.

It does this by making millions of calculations and using a complex mathematical algorithm to give you instant poker odds in real time which you can rely on.

So what exactly does that really mean for you?

Well... it means at any stage of the game you will know exactly what the probability is of you winning the game with your best hand at the river. Not only that... but you also know exactly what the odds are of your opponents having a better hand then yourself.

TexanBuddy Screen Shot

This is exactly the information you need to know to win hands constantly over and over again.

It's just like having a professional poker player sitting next to you at all times whispering this valuable information secretly into your ear while you are playing...

Time is money and having this type of information quickly at hand is an advantage and will give you that edge over your opponents when playing poker online.

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Whatever your skill level is from beginner to pro you will find TexanBuddy is such an easy and intuitive tool to use, in fact... within minutes you will have TexanBuddy running by your side telling you this vital information that any serious poker player wants to know to win hands.

TexanBuddy gives you all the advice you need with it's easy to read user interface without you being overwhelmed...

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TexanBuddy is an essential addition to your poker arsenal which will give you a huge edge over your opponents at the online tables. In a highly competitive environment like online poker you need every resource possible at your disposal.

TexanBuddy will have you winning on the tables the moment you start using it. Not only that, it will save you money by guiding you from making those vital mistakes when you least expect it...

And finally...

It's also an invaluable teaching aid which will teach you a winning strategy time after time playing Texan Holdem Poker.

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