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Texas Holdem Poker Odds Calculator
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Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator
Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator
Just Released - TexanBuddy v2.40 (build 0208) - Get Your Copy Now!

Version History

TexanBuddy v2.40 (build 0208)
  1. Colour coded Pre-Flop analysis on all 169 rankings with win percentage shown based upon number of opponents.
  2. Hot Keys can now be enabled to give the ability to change suit and select playing card using the keyboard.
  3. Windows 7 now supported.

TexanBuddy v1.10 (build 1206)
  1. A new improved user interface making it easier and quicker to read that vital hand information.
  2. The font size used to display information has been increased.
  3. Percentages are now shown as whole numbers.
  4. Hand analysis information is now shown horizontally.
  5. The Outs count do not now include kicker card improvements.
  6. You now have the ability to return the last card back into the pack by clicking on it.

TexanBuddy v1.02

  1. Font sizes used to display hand analysis information have been increased to allow the user to see the information clearer.
  2. The user interface now has a slightly new look and includes a new Screen section, which allows the user to change TexanBuddy's transparency level.